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Scouter Books

What Are Powwow Books

A "Pow Wow" is an annual, one-day training conference for adult leaders of Cub Scouts, (boys in 1st through 5th grade). The conference consists of many classes for the leaders to attend, covering topics ranging from camp cooking, to crafts and games, to leadership ideas. One of the most useful items a leader can take home from the conference is the Pow Wow Book. This book, created and published by volunteer Scout leaders with many years of experience, contains information and ideas to run the Cub Scout program for the following year.

Every Pow Wow book is unique in design, layout, content, and size. They vary from council to council, and from year to year. However they all have some things in common to include the fact they are usually resolve around monthly themes and are full of useful ideas including crafts, games, stories, skits, songs, cooking activities, ceremonies, and so much more.

For more information on Powwow check out this link on the Boy Scouts of America Website.