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Feb Fuzzy & Scout

Hi all,Your favourite bear cubs here. We thought it was time to let you all know what has been going on in our lives.Well apart from the obvious as Scout still loves all things cocoa...[More]

Scouting Thomas

I recently had the chance to talk with Steve Belkin one of the brilliant minds behind Scouting Thomas, a Scouting & camping related mobile app.What is the Scouting Thomas AppScouting Thomas is an animated app...[More]

Boy Scout leader dies

I saw on the news about a Boy Scout Leader who died while hiking at Lake Mead. The Park Service rescue the 5 Scouts and recovered his body down the trail. This happened June 8,...[More]

Choosing A Knife for a Webelos 1

A recent question appeared from a parent on Scouts-L asking what knife they should get for a Webelos 1 Scout. I know this post is a bit long but I am sure it will be...[More]

Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Todays post comes to us courtesy of the Ted Talks. It is about how we think about charity and "The O Word". The talk is done by activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta who calls out...[More]

Announcing the Guide to Advancement 2013

This post was taking from a series on the Scouts-l mailing list. Please let us know what you think, of anything that may be missing or wrong, etc on facebook.Now that I got your attention....[More]

SM Tip - From the Sports Page to the Scoutmaster Minute, Part 2

My previous tip talked about finding Scoutmaster minutes in the sports section of your daily newspaper. Of course, any sportscast on TV is probably good for one or two Scoutmaster minutes, as are shows like...[More]

Selecting Saws

This is part three of a series written by Jon Melick in Quincy MA who is an Eagle Scout, Vigil in the Order of Arrow, and Assistant Scoutmater with Troop 20. I would...[More]