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This is an InsaneScouter website...

Around 1997. while still in college, a friend introduced Scott to web programming. Scott was enthralled and spent months learning and mastering the web. The first project Scott started was InsaneScouter, with the intent of making it the worlds largest Scouting resource site.

Over the years Scott has worked with a number of people trying to make InsaneScouter all that it can be. Around 2001 Scott and another friend formed InsaneScouter into a legal business. A year or so later they devolved the business.

Now and then people asked why InsaneScouter? What does it mean? We even received several emails upset that we would make fun of the mentally challenged. The name InsaneScouter was chosen as a metaphor for the spirited, fun and wacky nature the kids we work with have. For example. think about kids clowning around, a youngster sniffing a powered drink mix, or even how one says your nuts to be a leader.

We at InsaneScouter are striving to:

  • Provide a reliable and safe website
  • Provide a resources, services and features useful to anyone in Scouting and Guiding
  • Continually add and improve the resources being provided
  • Add many more services and features to include:
    • E-Postcards 
    • User Profiles to form a network of “Human Resources”
    • Add Current BSA Cub and Scout level rank and award requirements
    • Create a directory (kind of like a simple search engine) of Scouting and Guiding sites
    • Provide a free email service
    • Provide basic free website hosting 
  • In the more distant future
    • Produce a outdoor skills video series
    • Have our own building which wilL house a physical resource library, have computers Scouters can use, provide meeting space, be place to hold trainings, maybe even have enough space to host special events